News Firms collaborate for better equality

11/26/2015 Ten of Sweden's largest commercial law firms have initiated a joint project which aims to improve conditions for a more equal gender representation in the industry. Cederquist is one of these companies. “We think it should be obvious that everyone should have the same opportunity and be rewarded in the same way. Regardless of gender,” says Johan Lundberg, Managing Partner at Cederquist.

News “Contracts should not just be used as shelf warmers”

11/4/2015 A well-negotiated agreement or contract is a good start for long-term business relationship. But believing that everything will run smoothly simply because the agreement has been signed is not something Cederquist lawyers recommend. According to Maja Wettergren, Partner at Cederquist, the contract parties must also consider how they act during the contract period.

News How to successfully resolve disputes

11/3/2015 In a business relationship all parties wish to avoid disputes and legal processes at all costs. But how can you actually manage to find a solution to a conflict when disagreements remain? “By positioning yourself in the right way, it is actually possible to avoid disputes and instead increase the chance of success and continued good relationships,” says Erik Wernberg, Partner at Cederquist with many years' experience of dispute resolution.

News This is how legal knowledge can improve your e-commerce

10/30/2015 As the world becomes ever more digital, a larger proportion of the economy and companies' sales move online. This makes it all the more important to keep up with the rules which apply to this environment. “Everyone involved in online selling in some way should keep an eye on the rules in this area. It can facilitate and improve their business,” says Fredrik Lindblom, partner at Cederquist with many years' experience of legal regulations in the area of e-commerce.

News The fine art of negotiation

10/6/2015 Writing and negotiating commercial contracts is a real craft which takes time to learn, but with the right tools and some practical tricks it's possible to improve quickly.

News Cederquist helps refugees

9/15/2015 We are currently seeing one of the worst refugee crises of our time. Many of us are moved by the daily images of both adults and children who have not made it through the journey, as well as the survivors for whom the necessary resources are not available.

News New lawyers at Cederquist

9/15/2015 Andrea Hamrin and Oskar Hjärpe were admitted to the Swedish Bar Association on 28 August and Linda Karlsson rejoined after leaving for a clerkship at Attunda District Court.