Preventing corruption – increasingly important for multi-national companies

To battle corruption and fraud is a key subject today when companies are facing increasingly complex challenges in terms of regulatory compliance.

Erik Wernberg explains why it is important for companies working in international contexts to be aware of the requirements placed on them today:

 “Never before have there been so many and such large risks associated with running a business. If the rules are not followed, companies risk suffering negative publicity and severe sanctions. Corruption and the task of its prevention is one of the greatest challenges businesses face today, especially when getting into unknown and high-risk markets. In the light of the international developments in this area, ever-higher requirements are placed on having a well though throught strategy at the company – something that Cederquist actively help companies with. It's important for everyone who works in an international environments to be aware of the requirements placed upon businesses, what rules that applies and how they should act in order to prevent and counteract irregularities.”