This is how legal knowledge can improve your e-commerce

As the world becomes ever more digital, a larger proportion of the economy and companies' sales move online. This makes it all the more important to keep up with the rules which apply to this environment. “Everyone involved in online selling in some way should keep an eye on the rules in this area. It can facilitate and improve their business,” says Fredrik Lindblom, partner at Cederquist with many years' experience of legal regulations in the area of e-commerce.

Everyone who comes into contact with e-commerce will also come into contact with rules concerning online selling. These rules have a major impact, primarily on manufacturers of consumer products of different types, but naturally also on resellers of these products within Sweden's borders, as well as within the EU where there are still many regulatory hindrances which impede trade.

“Right now, within the EU, there is an industry investigation into e-commerce which is aiming to discover and address any competition problems which negatively affect e-commerce within the EU. In order to drive sales in the best way in the e-commerce era, it is important to have a feel for how the competition rules can both hinder and assist you in what you're trying to achieve,” says Fredrik Lindblom.