Great interest shown in seminar series on the new Data Protection Regulation

During the spring, Cederquist has been running seminars on the new EU Data Protection Regulation. Great interest has been shown and the seminars have attracted more than 250 delegates.

The seminars have been held against the background of the new EU agreement on Data Protection Regulation which will completely replace the current Personal Data Act. The regulation, which comes into effect during 2018, means that companies and organisations must take certain measures in order to adapt to the new requirements.

Martin Gynnerstedt and Henrik Lindstrand, both specialists in IT and privacy protection issues at Cederquist, organised the seminars.

Why do you think there's been such great interest?
“The EU has been negotiating a new data protection regulation for several years, and speculations around the new regulation have been much debated in the media, which have created concern among businesses and organisations. We wanted to convey a serious view of how we see the regulation and there has obviously been major interest in this. Many of the articles we've read also focus solely on particular differences in the regulation which we think gives an unbalanced picture. Therefore, we wanted to provide a more objective overview in which similarities with the current rules have also been presented.”

During the first two seminars, both similarities and differences were reviewed between the old and new rules, as well as which specific measures businesses and organisations should take based on the new rules.

The last seminar focused on the security aspects of the new regulation and it was organised in partnership with the IT consultancy company Knowit Secure.

“We reviewed the security requirements in the new data protection regulation compared to the current ones, along with how it is possible to work with the Privacy by Design concept from both a long and short-term perspective and how this responds to the requirements in the data protection regulation.”

Sara Varda St Vincent, who works as a general counsel at Milvik AB which sells micro-insurance in emerging markets, has been to both seminars and thinks they provided a very good introduction to the new rules, as well as good depth.

“I have started working with the new regulation quite recently and attending these seminars has confirm that  I'm on the right path and have also got a better idea of what the regulation entails and what the actual consequences will be,” says Sara.

Martin and Henrik says that having these seminars has confirmed that many businesses and organisations already are taking action, but that there are still questions to investigate.