Cederquist boosts its IT practice

Cederquist is delighted to announce the arrival of Johanna Linder as head of its IT practice group. Ms. Linder, with 20 years of solid experience in the IT field, is a leading individual in the highly specialized and continuously transforming legal disciplines surrounding complex IT, sourcing, digitalization and e-commerce. Cederquist has during its strategic review identified IT, sourcing, e-commerce and other complex technology-driven areas as increasingly important for its overall offer and commitment to its clients, and is very pleased that Ms. Linder has decided to continue her successful career with the firm to lead the strengthening of its offer in this regard.

Ms. Linder's impressive, diverse career and extensive experience in this area include founding and leading one of the first and most successful IT boutique law firms in Sweden, serving for four years as in-house counsel for a leading international IT company, as well as being one of the first lawyers at large law firms in Sweden specializing solely on this discipline during the 90's.

- During the firm's recent strategic review, the legal areas relating to information technology, sourcing, digitalization and other complex technology projects were specifically identified by the firm as further growth areas. It is fantastic that Johanna, who really is a market leading advisor in this area and also otherwise fits so well with our partnership, core values and future plans, has become part of our team and will lead the firm's offer in this regard, says Tone Myhre-Jensen, Managing Partner of Cederquist.  

- Cederquist is a modern firm with a leading market position and a very positive work environment and spirit of its partnership. The partners are a driven and a skilful group of people who are extremely motivated and who work sustainably together toward common goals. Looking ahead, I see unique opportunities and continued successful development for the firm. I really look forward to participating in this journey, and I am very excited to become a partner in such a professional and positive organisation.

Johanna joined Cederquist on the 14th of March 2016.