Fredrik Forssman strengthens Cederquist

As of the end of the year, Fredrik Forssman, works as a partner at Cederquist.  He will primarily work with the Dispute Resolution team, but he wil also reinforce the Commercial Real Estate team in the construction field.

Fredrik's experience and core skills lie mainly in the area of large and complex construction disputes, both internationally and in Sweden. His experience will make a valuable and positive addition to an already-strong dispute resolution team at Cederquist.

What persuaded you start working with Cederquist?
“Cederquist was an enormously attractive option, which coincided with a feeling that it was time for something new. I saw Cederquist as a top-ranked and modern firm, with an excellent reputation and really exciting projects. Having now been here a few weeks I can only confirm that, so far, the picture I had was entirely accurate.”

In what way do you consider Cederquist to be a modern firm?
“There is a forward-thinking attitude and drive here which I really appreciate. There are many young lawyers working here and they've come a long way and have taken on major responsibility early on. It's clear they like it here. I see this as a confirmation that the company has a great future ahead. The firm has also progressed leaps and bounds in terms of processes and models for skills development. This is something I think will be necessary in future to be able to operate at the highest level.”

You've been here a few weeks now. How does it feel?
“Very positive. The atmosphere is very much in line with the picture I previously had of the firm. There's a good, relaxed ambience here, without any hierarchies. Everyone's involved and pulling in the same direction, and it feels friendly and professional. Also, this is a solid and effective organisation, with impressive support and people to help me so I don't have to think about the administrative side of things. That's really helpful.”