Cederquist is owned and run by 22 partners. The firm is organised as a true partnership. The Board of Directors and Managing Partner are responsible for the day-to-day management of the firm. The Management Team consists of the Managing Partner, Head of Marketing,  Head of People and Culture, Head of IT and Security and CFO.

Board of Administration

Tone Myhre-Jensen Cederquist.jpg

MP/Member of the Board
Chairman of the Board
Fredrik Forssman
Member of the Board
Malin Allard Cederquist.jpg
Member of the Board
Pontus Rockert Cederquist.jpg
Pontus Röckert
Member of the Board

Management Team

Beatrice von Lempruch
Head of People and Culture
Mattias Wikström
Head of IT and Security
Ylva Gnosse.jpg
Ylva Gnosse
Head of Marketing