CQ Collaborate

In a highly competitive market where demands as well as pace keeps increasing, there is a constant demand for new and effective work processes. As a step towards being a proactive and modern law firm in a time of a fast ongoing digital evolution of the legal market, we offer our clients CQ Collaborate – which includes access to two digital services that will facilitate large legal projects and day to day matters.

CQ Collaborate includes access to:

HighQ – a secure file sharing application and a digital platform that provides large data room areas.

DocuSign - a digtal solution for signing documents electronically.

HighQ - organizing legal projects

We know it can be challenging to organize legal projects when many parties are involved.  High Q is a well-established service used by most major international law firms. High Q's features makes it easy for users to organize both day to day matters and complex projects by:

  • enabling document distribution of large quantities of documents
  • enabling a secure file sharing application
  • enabling team collaboration
  • enabling project management

How does it work?
Users get access by invitation only. The information itself is stored in an encrypted form in highly secure servers of the provider. The system is based on traceability and user rights can be restricted to different degrees. It is also possible to track user’s actions.

DocuSign - E-signing for effectiveness and simplicity

Through e-signature provider DocuSign we can offer our clients the opportunity to sign documents electronically directly via smartphone, tablet or laptop. DocuSign will make signings and closings easier, as well as the process of collecting signatures for board minutes etc. The traditional process with printing, signing and scanning all the documents involved can be replaced with an e-signature, which is always just a click away. Something that will save work for all parties involved.

How does it work?
Documents to be signed is digitally stored in an encrypted environment within secure servers of the provider. The service is particularly useful in cases where a large number of documents needs to be signed by a number of different parties located in different places.

Please contact partner Carl-Johan Deuschl och partner Johanna Linder for further information about CQ Collaborate.

Carl-Johan Deuschl, Partner

Johanna Linder, Partner