Lawyer at Cederquist

Our associates are at the heart of our practice and we go out of our way to ensure that we provide the best possible working conditions for them and to ensure their professional development.

As an associate at Cederquist, you will have the opportunity to perform the most advanced legal work for the most demanding clients. This places very high expectations and demands on our employees. A newly-employed associate at Cederquist will soon get in contact with clients and be trusted to perform advanced legal work under the supervision of older colleagues. Lawyers always work together in order to achieve the best solution for the client, while adding to the professional development of the more junior lawyers.

Our clients expect creative solutions to new problems. Accordingly, we work hard to avoid a system that leads to rigidity and conformism. We believe that individuality and personality are key factors in furnishing an open and creative environment. Our goal is to provide a well-organised yet informal work environment, with ample opportunities for each individual to influence his or her own working conditions.
A training plan is drafted for each associate based on his or her interests, previous qualifications and experience. Annual evaluations then follow up on his or her progress. An important aspect of the professional development of an associate at Cederquist is to spend time in different practice groups during the first few years. This optimises the scope of each individual’s skills and gives the associate an idea as to which practice area he or she wishes to focus on in the future. Another part of our lawyer’s professional growth is the possibility to spend a couple of months abroad, at one of the foreign law firms with which we have close relations, or at a company conducting business within an area relevant for that individual.