Summer Associate Programme

Each summer, Cederquist offers students the opportunity to join our Summer Associate Programme.

As a Summer Associate, you will be able to observe the workings inside a law firm and have a go at working as a lawyer. Apart from the practical work, you will also be able to observe and feel the working atmosphere. As the law programme at university (unfortunately) does not include any practical training, this is an excellent opportunity to get to know the industry in practice. It is also a fantastic opportunity to start building a network of contacts and not least to try to apply what you have learned at university. As a Summer Associate at Cederquist, you will join a practice group just like an associate and work on whatever the group is working on. An invaluable experience and opportunity, which looks good on your CV since it shows commitment early on in your student years.

You must complete at least six terms before you can apply for a summer internship. Once you qualify for applying, you need to show that you are keen; the competition is tough and often all vacancies are filled before the end of the application period. If we don't hire you this time, apply next year again. The fact that you didn't make it this time doesn't necessarily mean that you don't stand a chance.

If you have questions in relation to the summer internship, please contact our HR specialist Deirdre Net.